Lab Pack Services

Chemtron offers top notch, turnkey lab pack services. For all your small containers of various chemicals Chemtron will inventory, categorize and package, your material for proper waste transport and ultimate recycling or disposal. We also provide all necessary documentation including proper labels, markings and shipping documents.

Chemtron can provide our "pack and pull" service upon request offering same day packaging and transportation. With an emphasis on safety, we offer the highest level of value to the marketplace through competitive pricing, safe, sound waste management practices and a common sense approach to problem solving.

Chemtron can accept over 540 various RCRA codes giving Chemtron the flexibility to offer a greater array of disposal options including the management of even "untouchables" by most companies, including: explosives, water/air reactives, pyrophoric, biological, shock sensitive, cylinders and unknowns.

All services are performed with strict adherence to all applicable EPA, DOT and OSHA, regulations. Call your local Chemtron representative or E-mail us today for more information on Lab Pack Solution

Industries Served:

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Schools
  • Government Facilities
  • R&D Facilities

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